Gauntlet Conservation Trust

Asian Vultures

Fifteen years ago there were millions of vultures soaring the skies of Asia but sadly they have almost disappeared. Vultures may not be the prettiest of all our wild birds but they are vital to our world, clearing up dead animals that would otherwise be left to rot and spread disease. Three species of South Asia’s vultures have declined by 95% and one of the species by 99.9%. Their decline has been quicker than any other wild bird including the Dodo.These magnificent birds are on the brink of extinction. The vultures’ decline is mainly due to a veterinary drug called Diclofenac, which is highly toxic to any vulture that feeds on a carcass treated with this drug. The drug has been banned in India, Nepal and Pakistan but sadly it is still being sold and used illegally. Gauntlet Conservation Trust is working in association with other organisations to raise awareness and funds to help save these magnificent birds. Please visit our online shop and purchase either a wrist band or T shirt, or just make a donation! For every £25,000 raised a new safe vulture haven can be created.

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